Drunken Driving Accident

Drunken Driving Accidents

Drunken Driving Accidents LawyersDrunken driving accident cases are often complex, requiring extensive investigation into complicated liability issues. Under New York and Connecticut laws, the drunk driver or bar/restaurant is likely to be responsible – but the person or establishment that provided alcohol may also be held accountable. We will hire the right experts to prove the physiological and psychological impact of blood alcohol content to demonstrate the drunk driver was served alcohol when they were visibly intoxicated. Without this proof the person that served too much alcohol to a patron or guest may not be held accountable.

If you were served too much alcohol at a bar or restaurant, New York and Connecticut law also provides a remedy against those who served you. A drunk-driving accident can leave you severely injured and impaired, including paralysis. You may have lost a loved one. If you and your family have suffered as the result of a negligent drunk-driver or a bar/restaurant in Westchester County (including New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers and White Plains) and the surrounding counties as well as New York City, all us immediately! Contact Brady & Goldberg today at (914) 690-0800 or (800) 441-5995 for a Free Consultation to discuss your case.