Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Knockdowns

New York City and its suburbs are crowded with people trying to get from place to place. With the population soaring, so is the number of vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, this places pedestrians in jeopardy. Many motorists do not take the time to abide by laws established to protect pedestrians. A vehicle colliding with a pedestrian may leave them seriously or fatally injured.

If you have sustained a serious injury in a pedestrian accident in Westchester County (including New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers and White Plains) and the surrounding counties as well as New York City, turn to the law offices of Brady & Goldberg. We are experienced advocates for those who have been injured, in many different types of personal injury situations, including pedestrian accidents. We are dedicated to helping you pursue the compensation you need and deserve for the injuries you have suffered. Contact Brady & Goldberg today at (914) 690-0800 or (800) 441-5995 for a Free Consultation to discuss your case.